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          Global ship suppliers focus on China market


          Global ship suppliers focus on China market

                 Ship supporting industry is an important part of China's shipbuilding industry and an important factor affecting the comprehensive strength of the shipbuilding industry. The backward level of China's ship supporting industry has seriously restricted the improvement of the international

          competitiveness of the shipbuilding industry.
          Especially since entering the new century, with the rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry, the problem of ship matching has become increasingly serious and prominent. This paper briefly introduces the development prospect of China's ship

          supporting industry.


          (l) Competition in domestic ship matching market is intensifying


          After the financial crisis, international large-scale supporting enterprises (groups) have focused on China's shipbuilding market, especially Japan and South Korea. They have a deep understanding of this point. According to the prediction of the international shipbuilding industry, although the world's

          new shipbuilding market will resume growth during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the ship market will remain at a low level. In the past two or three years, the ship market is still in the adjustment period, and the volume and price of ships will not increase greatly


          The lack of market demand will lead to the decline of ship supporting industry demand. It can be predicted that the number of international large-scale supporting enterprises (groups) entering China will increase in the future, and the competition in the domestic ship supporting market will intensify.


          (2) The comparative advantage of domestic enterprises is gradually weakening


          With the continuous increase of labor cost, the appreciation of RMB exchange rate and the internal depreciation of RMB, the original comparative advantage of supporting enterprises in China will be gradually weakened, which makes the development of domestic supporting enterprises more difficult.


          (3) The adjustment of industrial structure is inevitable


          On the one hand, the low-level repeated construction of domestic supporting industry is serious, the industrial concentration is low, and the independent innovation ability is not strong; on the other hand, the domestic supporting development environment is increasingly severe. With the State Council's

          "opinions on promoting enterprise merger and reorganization" issued by the State Council and the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic matching market in the future, it is inevitable to adjust the domestic supporting industry structure.